Danielle Nordhof

Last year at Christmas my mom gave me beautiful gold hoop earrings! I am very sentimental, plus these were stunning and shimmery so they immediately became my favorite earrings! I wore them all the time! On Christmas Eve, as we were driving downstate for family, one fell out onto my lap. I put it back in then forgot about it. We had to make a stop at Meijer and when I came back to the car, that one earring was gone! I was so upset! I loved them and every time I wore them they reminded me of the one I love so dearly! When we came home I put up the one earring I had left (super sentimental!).

Two weeks ago I was cleaning my closet and found the box the earrings came in. I asked God to redeem the lost earring. This past week, I was getting a coffee cup out of my car and there was that second earring! I am in the backseat of my car every day. It was not there before! God brought me back my earring!

He is our Father who loves us so dearly! He cares about EVERYTHING that matters to us! We are treasured and precious to Him!

“For the LORD has chosen Jacob for himself, Israel for his own special treasure.” Psalms 135:4 NLT


We have been in a trial since March 7th, 2012. This has been a constant battle to prove my husbands innocence. Over the past almost 2 years, we have grown in our faith and our family has grown. We have grown closer to God and continued to give the situation over to Him. With the support and prayers of our church family we continued to fight through this struggle. In September we went in front of a judge to plead our case. The night before we received prayer and prophesy from a group at church. It was prophesied that the judges heart was turning. We were surrounded by our friends and family from church. They stayed in the waiting area and continually prayed for the whole day. When we finally came out of the court room, we were exhausted. We continued to believe that this would be the end of this road for us. The judge stated he had 90 days to make a decision, we were up against the State's Attorney. At this point we knew that the only thing that could make this come out in our favor was the Lord. He has come through for us again. Yesterday we received a letter from the judge stating that my husband's case has been thrown out. He is not guilty. Praise God!! This entire time we have camped out on Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still". God took our impossible situation and turned it for His Glory. He knew the outcome all along. I think back now, if we wouldn't have gone through this trial, would we be as strong in our faith and in the Lord now? Probably not, the Lord doesn't cause bad things to happen, but he can sure work miracles in those situations.