Our Vision

Resurrection Life Church exists to Reach the lost, Raise them up, and Send them out.

As a ministry, we will share the Good News to save the lost, disciple and heal them to be passionate followers of Jesus and humble leaders of
people, in order to send them out to reach their world for Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy

Encounter God, EQUIP People, Empower the Church

Internship Purpose

Today, there are many voices that are calling you. Have you heard any of them? How about learning how to hear and respond to the voice of God? How about answering by saying, “Here I am Lord; use my life for Your glory.” An army is forming in this generation- a group of young people who are completely sold out for God’s Kingdom. This internship will help identify and harness the gifts and calling of God on your life- while focusing on taking your leadership to the next level as well. We want to stand with you if you feel you have a sincere call to any form of ministry upon your life…or if you are unsure, but know you have a burning desire to be used by God!

You will be focusing on prayer, planning, and efforts to build the Kingdom of God through various ministries and outreach opportunities.

To be a part of this internship is a privilege and should not be taken lightly. This program will challenge you spiritually and help empower you to leave an eternal mark on this generation for the cause of Christ.

 Internship Program

The program provides individual experience first-hand with the challenges and rewards of ministry as well as ministry training classes and discipleship. Our desire is that upon completion of this one year internship commitment (summer internships are also available) you will receive further clarity as to your possible calling.  It is our hope that upon receiving confirmation you will leave your internship well prepared and equipped for ministry.

This program will be supervised by a staff member that oversees the ministry you are interning with. Interns will receive direction and training as they minister through weekly fellowship, Bible studies, special events, community involvement and relational opportunities.

Internship Requirements

             An intern is “a trainee whose goal is to gain practical experience in an occupation.” A minister is an important role model for the body of Christ, setting a personal example of living for Jesus Christ. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are passionate about living for Christ, have a fervent desire to love and serve people, as well as have a humble and sincere aspiration to be mentored.    

You will be required to take our Bible school through Bethel. You will be asked to spend four hours a week taking this class during office hours. We will cover the cost of your books and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

You will also be asked to complete four hours of additional ministry training each week during office hours. This can include conferences, church services or ministry school teachings as your intern overseer recommends.

You will be required to be in the church office Monday through Thursday from 8:45am-3:30pm. You will also need to be present for all church services on Sundays and Wednesdays and attend any outreaches or events as required.

Currently, this internship is FREE of charge. You will need to provide your own room and board in the Cadillac area and your own transportation. It is possible to have a flexible part time job in addition to your internship, but is not recommended.


Spiritual Requirements

You must be a committed Christian who has received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and demonstrates this personal acceptance by both walk and talk.

Possess a desire to be dedicated and faithful to daily personal spiritual growth.

Must have a Christ-like love and concern for people and their spiritual growth.

Must have a compassionate desire to reach out to the lost and hurting.

Have a desire to teach scripture and nurture people in their personal walk with Christ.


Relational Requirements

You will need to be friendly, positive and approachable to people of all ages

Teachable with a desire for training and growth in the ministry

Have a desire to develop and use your gifts and talents

Able to relate, lead, and teach people with humility

Have a desire to come alongside church staff to support the ministry


Personal Requirements

Willing to be accountable

Exhibit leadership ability

Have the ability to take direction and to work independently

Commit to refrain from activities that could cause someone to stumble or struggle, such as: prescription drug abuse, use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

Commit to sexual purity and living above reproach by avoiding situations that may lead to temptation, or that may appear compromising.

Intern Responsibilities

Meet regularly with overseer for prayer, mentoring, and training

Fulfill daily tasks that need to be done for church services (children, youth, or adult).

Attend weekly staff meetings (Tuesdays).

Prepare teachings for staff or youth or children’s ministry when asked.

Participate in planning for outreaches, events, Bible studies, and fellowship.

Participate in church services as required by overseer.

Participate in all events and activities that church staff is required to attend.

Must be willing to do other tasks for other ministries if asked.

Spend 4 hours a week taking ministry classes..

Spend, on average, 30 hours per week in carrying out intern responsibilities.

Sunday arrive no later than 8:30am and leave no later than 1:00pm. Weekdays arrive by 8:45am and be working in area of ministry by 9:00am. Leave no earlier than 3:30pm. You may take 30 minutes for lunch on site. Please bring your lunch or have it delivered in advance.

Your term of service will be June 1 to the next year, May 31.