Kristin Holley

Back in April of 2014 I had my check up with my doctor and had to go for another small procedure after that. I went to that appointment in May if 2014 and the doctor cut out 2 polyps for biopsy. They came back negative for cancer and I went on for a few months. I was having such horrible monthly cycles I was getting worn out. 15-18 days long, cramps so bad I felt like I was in labor with contractions. I was pale, dark circles under my eyes and I didn't feel healthy at all. I made another appointment with my doctor in August of 2014, as she told me if I continued to have problems to give her a call. I do not like taking prescription meds but enough was enough and I was ready to try anything. She ordered an ultrasound. From that, it showed I had more polyps . I went to have a DNC and hysterscopy in September of 2014. That was done on a Monday and by Friday in the middle of a very busy and booked day at the hair salon I was working at, my doctor's office called and my doctor needed to see me that day. My stomach sank as I knew it wasn't going to be good. I was able to shift some of my appointments and reschedule some so I could go and not let that bother me for the entire weekend. I feel like my doctor and I get along very well and we are always laughing during my appointments because I always crack jokes in uncomfortable situations. That day she wasn't laughing. She handed me the pathology report with not only one, but two kinds of cancers. In black and white I had the names, squamous cell carcinoma and small cell carcinoma. I was to see an oncologist ASAP. I was told that my doctor and the doctor who did my procedure ordered the pathologist to re-run my results over and over again and every single time that week those two carcinomas showed up. With so much Internet these days I still decided I was not going to Google them because that doesn't do any good anyway and can make the imagination worse.

I got in with my oncologist in October that year. It was then that I get the devastating news that small cell carcinoma is really bad and always fatal. It's extremely rare for it to be found in the cervix and I don't have a prognosis because of how rare it is. It mostly goes for the lungs or the brain and in all cases is fatal. Squamous cell carcinoma on the other hand is very common and very treatable. Before he agreed to do a hysterectomy on me he ordered a PET scan and a brain MRI to make sure I didn't have small cell carcinoma anywhere else in my body. The PET scan showed something on my left ovary but nowhere else in my body. Before I had my hysterectomy in November of 2014, I had an unbelievable amount of people praying for me. I've been a hairdresser for a long time and I have several clients. I had been added to many of my clients church prayer chains. People I didn't even know were out there praying for me. My surgery went very well and I recovered quickly from that. As I recovered I actually started feeling the healthiest I'd felt in a very long time. I still didn't know if the cancer had been on my ovary, the lymph nodes, or my bladder. My oncologist got the pathology results back but hadn't clued in yet. I actually got them from my doctor here in town. See, he was quite baffled because when he did my surgery the small cell carcinoma couldn't be detected, the fatal kind. My lymph nodes were clear, and the ovary was nonmalignant. I had cancer all over the cervix, the whole uterus, and some on the nerves of my bladder. He sent my results to the Johns Hopkins Institute for further investigation. He did do his homework and asked colleagues across the US and presented my case to an oncology board meeting at Munson in Traverse City.

I knew exactly what happened and I did not need a medical explanation at all. It was all the prayers and God healed my body of that awful fatal cancer. Back when I had my original diagnosis, I put my complete trust and faith in God. I didn't understand my path, only he knew what it was. I certainly didn't want to die. I have two kids and a husband I wanted to be here for. But if that was God's plan, I accepted it. I truly believe I'm still here by his grace. He has kept me to help out other people. I constantly have family members of cancer patients or cancer patients reach out to me. I'm also compelled to help out others during their time of need and when I show up it always is at the right time. I know that's God putting me to work.

I went on to having 25 rounds of radiation and 4 rounds (3 days in a row) of two very strong kinds of chemo. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. I was thankful to stay strong enough during that to work part time. It was very great therapy for me. I also remained very optimistic and positive during that ordeal. I've been told that the small cell carcinoma can always come back and take my life. I told my oncologist that I refuse to dwell on that and that I'm enjoying what time I do have on this earth. At this time, God has more work for me here. I just follow where He draws me. 

Johnny H.

I wanted to share a very powerful event that happened a few weeks ago. My wife and I had decided to attend the Healing Equip class, because we had a desire to help other people through this ministry. Both of us had witnessed healing in others before this so we wanted to learn more. Little did I know God wanted to heal me as well!

I had suffered with Acid Reflux disease, Hiatal Hernia (not sure if I spelled it right), and ulcers for over 15 years. I had also landed in the ER and was told I had Chrohn's Disease in the last couple of years, but I would not claim that one. I stopped going to the doctor about it and figured I would fix it with my diet. The symptoms didn't get worse, but stayed pretty much the same, no matter what I ate or drank. I figured I would just deal with it, move on, and take daily medicine.

During the third week in the Equip class, one of the other students got up and said "I think I need to pray for somebody with digestive issues. God has put that on my heart." At first I didn't stand up because I didn't want to be the center of attention. I figured there was someone else that needed it more than me and I was afraid that I would bring doubt to God's kingdom if it didn't work (All lies of the Devil by the way!!).

My heart started beating fast and I felt a stronger pulling on my heart that I have ever felt, so I decided to give it a try. So they prayed over me, and after a few minutes I felt like I had just drank Maylox or an antacid of some sort. It was immediately soothing. At this point my mind started getting involved and I was thinking "You are crazy, you have had this stuff going on for years, it’s going to take more than just one night of prayer to get rid of this!" Obviously this was another lie from the enemy.

I went home and went to work the next day, but I did not take my medicine. I figured I would ease into this and see how I felt, but God wanted to show me I was healed. One of my co-workers brought in chili, which eating without taking my medicine was a guaranteed terrible rest of the day. My mind was telling me not to eat it, or go take medicine, but I decided this was the moment to trust God. So I ate a lot of it. I remember sitting there a few hours later and it dawned on me, I did not have any symptoms at all!! I went home and my wife had made spaghetti, which also was a terrible idea before, especially after eating chili. That could have been an ER trip before. Once again, with a little more faith, I ate the spaghetti, slept all night, and woke up with no symptoms!

This was the point where I knew something real had happened. This would have been impossible before. It is pretty easy to prove as well, in that I used to be required to take medicine, now I do not. I feel better and am more active now, something I could not say before this event. I can eat whatever I want and the old symptoms do not even start (I can show you my recent weigh-ins to prove that I am eating better. I need to get disciplined again before I gain too much weight!).

So I was thinking I was ready to conquer the world and start sharing my testimony and praying for others so that they can experience this wonderful event, but I found myself over analyzing what I was going to say, even while praying. I felt that I had a spirit of fear of saying the wrong thing, and it was holding me back. So I asked Emily after the class if she knew of any scripture I could study to get past this point. She shared with me a conversation she had with somebody else in the church earlier and told me that they had experienced a word of knowledge on this (Basically saying that someone had told her that there was somebody with a spirit of fear that is holding the spirit back that they needed to pray for).

Then she prayed for me, and I literally felt chains falling off of me. This time because of the healing I had received, I had faith that this was really happening and I really was going to be free of this fear. It had been a very prominent part of my past, especially the fear of losing my job, or failing to be a good husband, or fear of not raising my child correctly... You name it I was fearful and worried about it in my life. I knew that it was not good for me, but I couldn't get past it.

After that night, I feel like I can do anything! I am not looking back, I don't think of past failures, and I have a confidence going forward that God has my back. Even though I might make mistakes it is ok! I have been able to pray for people and I have a new confidence that I did not previously have, sand I am finding that I am growing so much more spiritually! I can see how bad it was holding me back now and I wish I could have been prayed for a long time ago.

With that said, thank you Jesus!! I can't be more grateful! Thank you Pastor Dan and Emily for such a wonderful place to come and experience God. Things that seemed impossible are happening here, and it is obvious that God has his hand over this church.

Helen Kitchen

I help out in Res Kids. I'm scheduled to serve in the infant room, but in the past I've served in the K-5 hall. 

Well, I was asked to serve there recently. I went into the room and prayed, "Lord, You know." So I told the kids to grab a chair and sit down; we were going to get started. I did not know what the lesson was, but God did!

I started talking about Jairus and how he came to Jesus because he wanted Jesus to heal his daughter. And how He actually raised her from the dead and healed her. Then told them about the woman who was sick for 12 years and risked everything to get through the crowds to touch the hem of Jesus garment. Jesus told her it was her faith that made her whole.

Then I asked the kids, (and more and more kids were coming in as I talked) if they could name other miracles Jesus did. Each and every one could name one. There was even Jonah and Samson from the Old Testament and they named a lot from the New Testament.

Then I asked if they knew of any miracles Jesus did today. Every child told of a healing they or a family member had experienced. They also had a few things to pray for too. So we prayed, believing for results!

The atmosphere was totally Holy Spirit! The kids were so engrossed in sharing that no one asked for snack or moved until it was time to spend their Res Kid Bucks.

Thank You Lord! Thank You Holy Spirit!!

Dave Scott

On September 10 my niece was told that she had a large mass on one of her lungs and the doctor was 99% sure that it was cancer and they needed to do a biopsy ASAP. My sister contacted me and other family members and asked us to start praying for my niece. That Sunday, or the following Sunday (not sure which it was), Emily spoke during worship and said something like, "Cancer has no power over God and it must bow to Him!" So I started using that in my prayers. This past Tuesday, the 22nd, my niece was scheduled for her biopsy.  The doctor entered the room and told her that he couldn't do the biopsy because the mass was too small! They'll be keeping an eye on it over the next few months before they make any final decisions!! Now that's the power of prayer! Even cancer has no power over the name of Jesus!!

Tracie Ruppert

In April I felt a lump in my throat, so I went to my doctor and she scheduled an ultrasound because she felt that my thyroid was enlarged. I went to the initial ultrasound and after a few days I made the follow up appointment to see my doctor. When I went in to see her she stated that they found a mass 1.5 CM on my thyroid. She said we needed to schedule a needle biopsy right away as my mom had thyroid cancer and had to have her thyroid removed. The day before the biopsy I was prayed over by several people at church. When two ladies laid their hands on my thyroid, I felt different. I wasn't sure what was happening but every time I heard the devil say cancer, I cast the thought down right away. My husband was praying hard and so were many of my friends/family and church family. I went in to get the biopsy and the nurse did a quick ultrasound to see where the mass was so the doctor could do the biopsy. All this time prior I was showing several signs of thyroid cancer. I was exhausted, my hair was falling out and I literally felt the lump in my throat with my hands and my husband also felt the lump. When the doctor came in, he grabbed the ultrasound wand, looked at the nurse and said, "I don't see anything, do you?" She said, "Nope." God did a miracle and HE removed the mass on my thyroid. Since then, I have not been tired or showed any symptoms of anything being wrong. I am blessed that my doctor is also a Christian. When I go to see her we talk about God and she was also praying for me. God is good, all the time!! I am a walking miracle and God gets all the glory. I was able to share this story with several people at work and with my boss. You could see the amazement every time I shared this testimony with someone, it was so great. If you are dealing with something in your body and your doctor says it might be a disease, God is higher than that disease. The name of Jesus is higher than cancer and HE uses what the devil meant for destruction for HIS good. I am blessed beyond measure.


A friend and I were at the gym and there was an old man there with white hair and beard, scruffy looking and sad. He was using crutches. It was hard for him to get around, because his legs and feet were pretty messed up.  He just seemed so out of place at the gym, and nobody was offering to help him. We asked him if we could pray for him,  and he eagerly accepted.  His name is Bob and he told us he had a disease when he was a child and now he had meningitis.  We led Bob in a salvation prayer right there -- he asked Jesus to come into his heart and be his Lord and Savior!! We laid hands on him and prayed for healing. As we did, I felt my hand get quite hot and pulsating. And after praying, we invited him to come to church on Sunday. When I got home, Bob and his situation weighed on my heart.  I felt there was something special about him, like he could have been an angel in disguise.  I texted my friend and she had gotten the same feeling. Today I have continued praying for healing,  and as I pray I see visions of his feet turning straight,  and his legs being strong enough to walk without crutches.  Jesus offers Bob healing for his soul and his body too! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE CROSS!

Missy Johnson

I had a sort of reconstructive (for lack of a better word) 6 weeks ago, I was told that 50% of these surgeries don't hold and will have to be redone. I was declaring that this will not happen to me. About a week ago there was evidence that it did not hold I could actually feel a bulge that indicated it had not, it felt like before the surgery. I have to admit I was a little freaked out. However I felt very strongly that I was NOT TO SPEAK THIS to anyone. It was a struggle not to tell my husband especially. I wanted to just cry but then I started to say "no I am healed! This surgery is DONE it WILL HOLD I am healed completely I have Shalom in my life nothing missing nothing broken." I still felt scared but every time I felt the evidence I said NO I am healed. trust me I am no super Christian but I have been reading and listening to the word about the Blessing and Grace so I just kept saying it every time the evidence or fear or my thoughts said it didn't work. After a few days went by the "evidence" was no longer there if felt like it did after the surgery was done. I KNEW at that point I was healed and every time my thoughts tried to picture the Dr. giving me bad news I would say NO and picture him telling me every thing was looking good and holding well. I had my 6 week post op check today and he said "It's looking good you have good support you are healing well" I was so excited! GOD IS AWESOME! HE IS THE HEALER! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!