A friend and I were at the gym and there was an old man there with white hair and beard, scruffy looking and sad. He was using crutches. It was hard for him to get around, because his legs and feet were pretty messed up.  He just seemed so out of place at the gym, and nobody was offering to help him. We asked him if we could pray for him,  and he eagerly accepted.  His name is Bob and he told us he had a disease when he was a child and now he had meningitis.  We led Bob in a salvation prayer right there -- he asked Jesus to come into his heart and be his Lord and Savior!! We laid hands on him and prayed for healing. As we did, I felt my hand get quite hot and pulsating. And after praying, we invited him to come to church on Sunday. When I got home, Bob and his situation weighed on my heart.  I felt there was something special about him, like he could have been an angel in disguise.  I texted my friend and she had gotten the same feeling. Today I have continued praying for healing,  and as I pray I see visions of his feet turning straight,  and his legs being strong enough to walk without crutches.  Jesus offers Bob healing for his soul and his body too! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE CROSS!

Merrylie Cameron

About a year ago, I met a girlfriend from out of state. She, Mary Jo, was troubled about many things in her life, and had contemplated suicide. She was/is a devout Lutheran and believed in our Lord. We visited for 2 days. I can't even remember all the words that I spoke. I do remember praying, asking the Lord to use me as His vessel. She called me yesterday and couldn't wait to share what was happening. She teaches in a Christian elementary school and the traditional prayers are recited. She shared, that after our discussion, she learned to talk with her Daddy. That it didn't have to be a formal prayer. A mother of one of her students approached her and stated that Lutherans pray different than Catholics. She wished she could pray that way. Mary Jo shared with her that a friend had taught her to just talk with her Lord like she would talk to her daddy. She was able to witness to this mother. She also prays with her children before and after school as well as when they need " a talking to" out in the hall. Mary Jo prays with the student to God about the discipline issue. Teachers are asking her what she is doing in the hallway. None of them pray with the children like that and plan on starting. More witnessing. Praise God! I thanked her, but said the real thanks is to our Lord. He uses each of us in such miraculous ways. The witnessing continues..............

Chad Gernaat

The last few weeks we have been hearing about the power and the truth of the gospel, Revelation 12:11 says "And they have defeated him by the blood of the lamb and by their testimony." Last Friday my son asked if I would be willing to take a group of his college friends to a football game in Ohio. As soon as I was asked I knew I would do it and I knew that I would rather stay home. I don't enjoy watching football from the comfort of my home on TV, I enjoy it even less in the rain at 40 degrees in 20 mph winds 6 hours away. But I love my son. We were stopped for fuel at 6am Saturday morning near the Ohio line, I went into the station to pay and the lady at the fuel desk asks me "what are you doing today?"
I told her what we were doing and she asked who was playing. I replied "I don't even know? She asked why on earth I would be doing that when I don't even know where I was going With out even realizing it I gave a 20 second testimony
"for 17 years I verbally and emotionally abused my family, 6 years ago God got a hold of me and radically changed my life. I had lost my family but in the last 6 years he has totally restored our relationships so any chance I get to make up those wasted years I do it." She held her hands to her face and said "I wish my friend could hear this." I told her I would be happy to repeat it, calling her over I told her the same story. I don't recall exactly how the conversation ended but she asked "what do you have to do to get saved." I replied "believe in your heart and confess with your mouth." That's where the conversation ended, I was out the door when I stopped and thought what are you doing? I went back inside and approached the lady and asked "do you know if you are saved?" she answered "how would I know?" I asked her if she had heard of Jesus, if she believed in God, and she hesitantly said well yeah. I said I can lead you in a short prayer and then you will immediately know that you are saved. I know I have left out much of our conversation, I simply don't remember it. I have never done anything like this before. Holy Spirit used my story which I blurted out with out even thinking and then gave me the rest of the words to say. The next thing I know I am leading this woman in a salvation prayer. The look on her face when we were done said it all. As we were pulling back onto the expressway our vehicle sputtered and died, I literally laughed out loud. We coasted to the side of the road and I knew the football game was the secondary part of this trip. Grinning like the village idiot I thanked God for getting me to that gas station and for getting us the rest of the way to the game because I knew there was nothing wrong with our vehicle. I hit the ignition it fired right up and never missed a beat for the next 500 miles.